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  Master Skills From Your Existing Video Training Materials At Lightning Speed . . .

"Amazing Software That Manipulates Video So That Anyone Can Learn At
Least 3 Times Faster Than Normal . . .
Watching The  Same Video . . .
In A Completely Different Way!"

Look In 'Jaw-Dropping Wonder' At This Video Demonstration...


Dear Computer Video User,

If you've been trying to learn a new skill using 'Windows' compatible video on your computer, then you already know the value of what I am going to tell you.

The greatest part about using video as a learning tool is the fact that you can watch for as many repetitions as you want. The teacher or instructor in the video never gets bored or tired and will just keep repeating the lessons every time you hit the play button.

However, if what you're trying to learn involves you holding a great big piece of wood (like a guitar for example) then things are not quite so easy are they.

You have to keep reaching over to your mouse...finding the exact part that you want to watch again and then hitting the play button yet again. Also, quite often in video lessons, particularly music lessons, the action is just a bit too quick. Especially if we are talking about a tricky little intricate bit. Wouldn't it be great if that bit was not only repeated but....played back more slowly.....and still sound right?

Learning from videos suddenly
got a whole lot easier.

Well that's what I thought when I first started searching for some way to do exactly what I just described.

Can you believe that the means to do this Simply Did Not Exist.

I am one of the worlds most tenacious surfers (of the internet that is) and I simply could not find the means to slow down video, maintain the musical pitch (essential if it is going to make learning easier and not more difficult) and allow the user to repeat a section and have it loop on playback.

Not to be defeated I decided that such a tool would be an enormous benefit, not just to my own customers and subscribers, but also a massive benefit to anyone learning a physical skill using video.

On Thu May 10 06:46:34 PDT 2007

. . . . but have not been able to find anything that worked.


Viewed your demo; immediately purchased and installed the Slow-Mo product.Tried it out for about a minute and absolutely love it!

I am somewhat of a computer junkie and I have been trying different things to get the lessons slowed down a bit, but have not been able to find anything that worked.

I know you put a lot of thought, time and effort into this new product and I thank you for making it available.

It should prove to be successful and I trust it will exceed your expectations.

Best regards,

Rick. Lake Mary, FL

On Fri May 11 10:10:56 PDT 2007

. . . . . after slowing it down and putting it on repeat 10 times I had it down pat,

Hi Mike,

   I purchased  your SloMoDirector and I've got to say, how simple, obvious but so clever!.

I think that only someone like you, who can think outside of the square could think of something as brilliant as SloMoDirector, congratulations and very well done.

 I used the SMD on a simple strumming pattern tutorial ( "Always on My Mind", one of your strumming videos) that I could not get to sound right, but after slowing it down and putting it on repeat 10 times I had it down pat, and was playing along with you at a slower speed,  and we were both in correct pitch

 It reminded me of what a teacher once told me, " play it many times at a slower speed until you've got it perfect" this I can now do whilst playing along with the video. I'll say again this program is brilliant!

Thanks again Mike and the very best of luck,

Kind regards,

Jim Gooch. Australia

. . . . . . . suddenly have been given a new lease on learning


Well done mate! This SloMoDirector is just what was needed to aid guitarists, both beginner and advanced. I (we) can't thank you enough. Just imagine, being able to slow down, and loop sections of videos by Hendrix, Clapton, Vai, Satriani; Gary and Vinnie Moore to name a few.
Wow! How about having Segovia show you slowly and loopfully (Have I just invented a new word?) his masterful technique? Now there's something to get those Classical riffs under your fingers a little easier.
I just realized that those teaching videos that get us all frustrated because the teacher just says "Play it like this" and rattles off the riffs so as you can't really follow the fingering; suddenly have been given a new lease on learning.I can see this being a great aid to all types of teaching videos. The programme is just amazing Mike.
I think you may of found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow my friend.
Thank you so much for making this.
John. New Jersey. USA

(Note from Mike Herberts. These testimonials are unsolicited.

My simple thought was "If I can't

find it....let's see if I can make it"

Making it myself wasn't really an option for me as I am a musician and marketer. . . not a computer programmer. I therefore went to the places where the worlds best programmers hang out and found one who knew enough about the algorithms used in video and audio and set him on to produce SloMoDirector©.

The results of his teams' work is eye popping.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that this video learning aid can be used is tons of different areas...not just learning to play guitar. . . how about.

Piano - Dancing - Skating - Snowboarding - Hockey
Martial Arts - Magic Tricks - Saxophone . . .
  • Rip your existing DVD's using FREE software that you can download from the internet. Save them as .WMV and manipulate them with SloMoDirector.


  • Capture Streaming Videos from Websites using FREE software that you can download from the internet. Save them as .WMV files and open them with SloMoDirector

How many ways can you think of using SloMoDirector?

Get Instant Access To The Biggest Innovation In Video Learning Since Video Itself

  • Loop those 'Impossible' bits.
  •  Slow the Video Down Until You Are 'Up To Speed'
  • Keeps the Musical Pitch. Your Guitar Sounds Like My Guitar.
  • Jam Along At A Speed That Suits YOU
  • Learn Pieces That Were 'Just Too Difficult' Before

You will get instant access to the download page for this software immediately upon completion of payment. Your payment can be processed anytime 24 hours a day - 7 Days a week

Buyers Bonus Pack -
Buyers Bonus Pack - Buyers Bonus Pack
Need some FREE material to get you going with Slo Mo Director?

For A Strictly Limited Time I Am Including A Bonus For Buyers of SloMoDirector. Most of the bonuses you'll see given away on the
net are a pile of old 'Doggy Doos'. You probably have some of
them cluttering up your hard drive at the moment.....Right?

Some crappy eBook about how to play guitar in 2 days?

Or 100,000 'Essential Guitar Chords' or some such?

Well don't worry I'm not going to insult your intelligence.
I'm giving away, for a limited time, MP3 Soundtracks from 12 Of
My Most popular Guitar Song Tuition Videos.

When you claim your copy of SloMoDirector by using the 'Click Here
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MP3 plus the tabs for 12 Song Lessons.

You can preview the Actual Video Lessons that these MP3's are taken from by
using the links below, but remember you get the 'full audio lesson' PLUS the tabs for each of these Songs.

You can preview the Actual Video Lessons that these MP3's are taken from by
using the links below,
remember you get the 'full audio lesson' PLUS the tabs
for each of these Songs.

  Open the MP3's in Slomodirector to play along with AT YOUR SPEED.

  Copy The MP3's onto your Ipod or MP3 player. Keep the printed tabs and learn
when you are away from the computer.

Either way I think you can see that this is no 'Crappy Little Giveaway' bonus......this is
the real thing. The videos that these files are taken from sell at $9.97 each from my website.

You are getting exactly the same lesson BUT IN AUDIO FORMAT as a FREE bonus.

This is the very first time I have offered a bonus like this on ANYTHING. I will keep
this going for the next  100    67   43 purchasers of SloMoDirector.

Grab these Bonuses while they are available folks.
I WILL come to my senses and take them down soon.

YES Mike! I want to accelerate my learning experience from video. I understand that I can return the software within 56 days for a full 100% cash back refund without having to haggle with you.
I understand that my Investment in this Superb Video Learning tool is a One-Time Payment of just $48.95
(£24.50 approx)

I Also Claim My Bonus MP3's & Tabs

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